Adjustable Vegetable Steamer Basket

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A HEALTHIER COOKING PREP METHOD Make quick and easy healthy meals throughout the week instead of resorting to takeout with Zulay Kitchen Food Steamer. Made of rust-resistant premium quality stainless steel with food-grade silicone feet for worry-free cooking. This foldable vegetable steamer basket can be used to conveniently steam delicious veggies, sumptuous seafood, eggs, or dumplings in one go while preserving the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in your food upon cooking. COLLAPSIBLE and RETRACTABLE DESIGN Adding another large tool to your arsenal can be a problem especially if you already have a cluttered kitchen. That's where this stainless steel vegetable steamer basket comes in, constructed with collapsible 18 panels that can be adjusted up to 5.1 inches to 9 inches. Perfectly built to fit inside different sizes of pots, pans, or pressure cookers. Simply adjust its “wings” when placing inside your cookware and pull the handle after steaming.

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