Airtight Silicon Wine Stopper

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Preserve The Authenticity Of Your Wine: Tired of unreliable decorative wine stoppers that break easily leaving you with a frustrating task of removing the cork from the bottle? Enjoy hassle-free bottle preservation with the extra durable and flexible Zulay Kitchen Silicone Wine Stopper. Made from top-grade silicone that fits nicely and securely into any type of bottle. The package includes a set of 4. Easy To Insert And Remove: Thoughtfully designed with rust-resistant 304 stainless steel inner core that provides sturdiness for the outer silicone rubber construction. Its cone-like shape makes the task of pulling the cork out effortless without huffing, puffing, or breaking a sweat. Airtight Seal Design: The wine stopper is completely airtight therefore creating a strong, leakproof seal ideal for storing your bottle horizontally without worrying about spillage. Perfect for preserving the carbonation, flavor, and aroma of your beloved beverage. Item dimensions: 8.11 x 3.11 x 1.024 in

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