Julie Mollo Clutch: Holiday Confetti

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You're on your way to a holiday party, and you need a clutch that goes perfectly with your outfit, but like, it needs to be super fun, because YOU are super fun. This metallic confetti clutch is the most fun way to store and organize all of your super fun makeup when you aren't up all night drinking spiked eggnog or sitting on Santa's lap (hello, you can wipe the vinyl clean if you spill your foundation!)! We take a handful of our hand-mixed silver, gold and white confetti, spread it on top of transparent vinyl and sew another, thinner clear vinyl sheet on top (details, baby!) This clutch matches all of your jewelry and is so much more than just a holiday clutch, it just happens to be PERFECT for holiday, too! 
  • handmade in small batches in Brooklyn, NY!
  • 11" custom xoxo brass zipper ! 
  • 11x5.5"
  • Clear Vinyl is perfect for stadiums and gatherings where bags need to be transparent!
  • Vinyl clutches are easy to wipe down, disinfect, sanitize and clean! 
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