Candle - Chez Gagne: Grant Me The Serenity

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New Painted Candle Collection! Grant Me The Serenity
Spiced Oud 11oz Candle in a 14oz Ocean Blue Painted Glass Vessel; Decorative Foil Printed Adhesive Label with message "Grant Me The Serenity"
Candle includes a matching Ocean Blue Box with matching "Grant Me The Serenity" Label

Scent: Spiced Oud - a ridiculously sexy fragrance blend with hints of wood, leather and marble. hot damn.
Coconut Oil Wax Candle poured in Los Angeles, Lead Free Cotton Wick
Burn Time: 60 hours
Decorative Box measures: 3.5 X 3.5 X 4.25
This candle does not come with a lid. The text is not printed directly on the glass.

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