The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book

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The Ultimate Street Art Coloring Book is the largest collaboration of street artists for a social cause in the world. The book is not only an artistic feat; it’s also a responsible endeavor. Every coloring book sold is matched with educational textbooks artists bring to schools in need. When you buy one, we give one.

This street art adult coloring book provides various intricacy levels for you to color at ease. From the whimsical to the historical, from pop culture references to social commentaries, you’ll have a collection of murals from Miami to Manhattan, from Paris to Tijuana. 

The only project that combines art, mindfulness, education, and giving back—all in one package!


“If you can’t be a master graffiti artist this might be the next best thing.” — Curbed Magazine

“The quality is premium across the board from front cover to the back.” — D. Walker, TX

Designed with ❤ in Miami

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