G Soap Bars

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Calm: Calendula Infused Oils Soothing Soap Bar

  • Citrusy scents are always refreshing. The bitter scent of pink grapefruit combined with the fresh smell of lime and lemongrass will be sure to wake you up!

Green Algae: Chlorella + French Green Clay Nourishing Soap Bar

  • Scent of lemon and eucalyptus mixed with fresh lemongrass and lime to create and invigorating burst of energy!

Fancy Citrus: Bentonite Clay + Lime Peel Light Exfoliating Soap Bar

  • Refreshing citrus smell, with the bitter pink grapefruit and lime coming out with fresh eucalyptus -lemon on tops of this mixture to round everything off nicely!

Spirulina: Algae Blend + French Green Clay Nourishing Soap Bar

  • Refreshing aroma of palmarosa, lemon and lime cold pressed is paired with the sweet scent of ylang ylang to create an enchanting experience for your senses.
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