Game - I Got This!

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Get ready to bounce, toss, balance, roll, hop, and laugh! It’s up to you to match your confidence with your competence as you attempt to complete the challenges and rack up the most points.

Roll the die to pick a challenge. Think you can do it? Circle a high number on your score sheet. Not so sure? Maybe aim low. If you complete the challenge, you get to keep those points. But if you fail, you have to cross out that number. Add up the numbers that aren’t crossed-out to figure out who won!

  • Game of proving your skills through a variety of tricky challenges; fun and silly challenges incorporate ping pong balls, a rubber ring, buttons, measuring tape
  • Match confidence with competence by guessing how many points you'll win before trying each challenge; players win points if successful, lose points if they fail; play "I Got This" cards to double points, "Do Over" cards once per game to try again
  • Great for ages 8+; strong and simple components designed for safe, family-friendly gameplay; tricks designed to challenge skills without compromising safety
  • Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, critical thinking; teaches balance between risk and reward; a brilliant self-learning experience
  • Includes score pad, 12 I Got This cards, 12 Do Over cards, 100 challenge cards, I Got This die, 4 ping pong balls, rubber ring, 4 buttons, 10-foot measuring tape; made in China
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