Soap Distillery

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Lavender bitters: Scent notes of lavender, coriander, and ginger. Dry floral with a spicy citrus touch. Contains a crushed lavender swirl. Essential fragrance - Vegan - 4oz

Beer & Cigarettes: The most popular scent! Tobacco leaves, lavender buds, and oak moss dance on a base of pbr. It is amazing. Pthalate free - vegan - 4oz

Tequila shot: Scent notes of juicy lime, sea salt, and desert woods. Green and clean, just like a real shot of tequila. Contains detoxifying sea salt and repairing aloe. Essential fragrance - vegan - 4 oz

Long island iced tea: Along with the scents of soaps of days past, this soap also has an uplifting blend of lemongrass and lime peel to give you a pick me up whenever you need it. Plastic Free, handmade,'s the total package. Naturally fragranced, but does contain chunks of other soaps. Essential fragrance - vegan - 4oz


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