Social Alchemist Deck

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We've all been there. We're spending time with our friends, family, and right as we're getting into it, someone reaches for their phone, and our connection is broken, short-circuited. As technology progresses, and our need to be accessible feels increasingly important, it's hard to shake these devices. But the very machines that promote a greater sense of connection, actually damage the real connections that are possible when we gather in person.

That's where Social Alchemix comes in. 

With some refocused permission to put our phones away, we skip the small talk, and get into the part of parties where we all feel deeply connected to each other.

The small deck:

The small deck of cards of Social Alchemix features alchemical symbols split into three suits: Heavenly Principles, Ancient Metals, and Poison. The proto-science of alchemy believed that different combinations of these elements (save poison) were the building blocks for all of life.

These elements have astrological connections which rule over different aspects of the human experience.

The large deck:

The large deck of cards of Social Alchemix contains symbols of easily recognizable objects that relate to our human experience, objects to which we ascribe our subjective meaning, and into which we can compartmentalize our lives.

The Object Deck is split up into four suits: Perception, Nature, Accomplishment, and Tools


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