Brooklyn Spirits

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In the popular tradition of farm-to-table cookbooks, Brooklyn Spirits: Craft Distilling andCocktails from the World's Hippest Borough, is the firstdistillery-to-glass cocktail book. Over the past two decades, Brooklyn has become theepicenter of a Slow Food-inspired food and drink revolution. Brooklyn distillers,restaurateurs, bartenders, and cocktail aficionados are changing the way we drink bybringing back old techniques and recipes, and creating new ones that focus onsmall-batch distilling and fresh, local ingredients. In 2002, craft distilling was madelegal in New York State for the first time since Prohibition. Many Brooklyn-basedproducers such as Greenhook Ginsmiths, Cacao Prieto, Industry City Distilling,Brueckelen, and others have taken advantage of this.

Organized into chapters focused on these distilleries, each chapter will take anin-depth look at the distillery's story and the spirits they offer, and will presenthalf-a-dozen cocktail recipes. Within these chapters, there will be sub-sections onseveral varying topics: a look at the bars and restaurants serving theBrooklyn-produced spirits; highlights on the work of local mixologists; and subsectionson the history of distilling in Brooklyn.

The book will consist of:
* Approximately 70 drink recipes like the Deathbed Manhattan, One Mint Julep, and theKickstarter (a mix of updated classics and original cocktails contributed by Brooklyn distillersand bartenders, and the authors).
* 15 recipes for syrups, bitters, and other ingredients to improve your cocktails.

Brooklyn Spirits presents an inspiring mix of recipes, profiles, and history,encouraging readers to not only make their own cocktails, but to get involved on ado-it-yourself level, and, in the true Brooklyn spirit, invent cocktails of their own.

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