Candle - Apotheke 11oz Signature

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Inspired by the unexpected beauty found in life's simple moments, Apotheke is a luxury home fragrance brand committed to producing high-quality hand-made soaps and candles. Started in Brooklyn in 2011, founder Chrissy Fichtl has been sourcing ingredients directly from local farmers for soap making and scent formulation.

Enjoy the scent of this candle whenever you are seeking a moment of relaxation. On your first use, let this candle burn for 3 to 4 hours, until the pooling wax reaches the edge of the vessel. After that, burn for no more than 5-6 hours at a time to preserve fragrance.

Charcoal: Beautiful matte black packaging. Scented with cedar wood, sandalwood, smoked amber, oud and patchouli.

Sea Salt Grapefruit: Signature frosted glass packaging. Combines the tang of sea salt, black pepper, and ripe grapefruit with fragrant dewdrops and tarragon.

  • Hand-poured
  • Soy-blend wax
  • Glass vessel
  • 11 oz.
  • Approx. burn time: 60–70 hours


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