Big Witch Energy

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If you've ever felt oppressed, angry at the patriarchy, been ghosted or experienced a bad case of imposter syndrome, this book is just the magical elixir you've been waiting for.

Join expert witch Semra Haksever as she invites you to summon your Big Witch Energy and awaken the abundance of power within.

Filled with spells and rituals that are perfect for novice witches and seasoned spellcasters alike, Semra encourages you to practise radical self-acceptance, be comfortable and confident in your skin and to question society's expectations. There's a spell to help stop people-pleasing, a 'protective shield' body lotion and a foot scrub that will encourage you to walk your own path. As well as this, there are practical spells to call in money and good luck, banish negativity and much more.

This collection of spells will enable you connect with the best version of yourself and truly feel your power. So, step into the magic and embrace your Big Witch Energy.

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