Bubble Sound Maker: Kazoo

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Bubble Tree Sound Maker Bubble Kazoo includes 1 pre-filled refillable/recyclable original Bubble Tree® aluminum bubble bottle filled with 4 fl. oz. (118.29 ml) of Bubble Tree® non-toxic, superior bubble solution. Designed with custom graphics and soft texture for a non-slip grip. Proprietary tamper resistant cap affixed with a custom multi-ring bubble wand. Bubble bottle is made from aluminum, the easiest recyclable material on earth. Features custom designed 2 N’ 1 deluxe dip tray and sound making bubble blower designed as a kazoo. Bubble kazoo will make a flurry of bubbles and sound at the same time. 2 N’ 1 deluxe dip tray allows for an easy convenient play time. It provides a space to hold our aluminum bubble bottle, and a space to hold bubble solution and sound maker bubble blower.

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