Crystals - Aura Pack

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Aura Crystals is an interactive bagged collection of 5 crystals curated to amplify one’s aura. This collection comes with a themed corrugate display, featuring a QR code to scan for a “Find Your Aura Colors” quiz and blog. Once users learn their current aura color, they may use the 5 crystals to smooth and brighten the energy of their aura.

– Bagged crystals with paper wrap
– Hang tag
– Themed corrugate display
5 crystals per bag –
1 pc freshwater pearl – shimmers with love + inspiration
1 pc tumbled carnelian – inspires creativity, passion, joy, and self-confidence
1 pc tumbled blue chalcedony – smooths the energy of aura, opens heart + throat chakras to compassion
1 pc tumbled labradorite -offers connection to your inner wisdom that enhances intuition + perception
1 pc egg shaped snowflake obsidian – provides balance, stabilizes + protects aura

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