Food Containers - Stainless Steel: Set of 4

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Bklyn Bento Stainless Steel 4 Piece Set Lunch Box, Food Containers with Leakproof Lids

  • WHAT’S IN THIS SET?: Thought you’d never ask. It has 4 sizes. The largest holds 21oz, the 2nd largest holds 13oz, the 3rd holds 7oz, and the smallest holds 1.5oz - perfect for condiments and salad dressing.
  • WE'RE NOT A FAN OF CHEMICALS EITHER: It’s scary how many food containers still contain chemicals like BPA, BPS and Phthalates. We believe eventually this stuff will be regulated and all food containers will be made with “clean material”. Until then, best to stay ahead of the curve. 
  • WAIT, THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF SILICONE?: Yup. Unfortunately, a lot of silicone has “filler” mixed in with the silicone because it’s a lot cheaper to make. This complany only uses 100% Pure LFGB Silicone (the highest quality available) and isn't "cut" with any fillers.
  • 100% LEAKPROOF AND EASY TO OPEN (YES, FINALLY!): Easier said than done. It only took 4 months to create a custom silicone mold that’s easy enough for anyone to open; and still 100% Leakproof. 
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