Tarot Card - Lunar Oracle

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In the Lunar Oracle, Liberty Phi will teach that harnessing the power of the lunar phases can help you make sense of what's happening around you and may even unleash some moon magic.


The world seems like a chaotic place right now - many things seem out of our control, which can feel scary and unsettling. Harnessing the power of the moon can give us control over our lives.

In this stunning card and book set, Liberty will explain the moon phases, moon journaling, how the moon affects each zodiac sign, and will give details on how to use the 36 moon cards to improve your life - whether it's when you need a little guidance, or for some everyday inspiration.

Life is never static and change always occurs; this knowledge is our friend and not something to be feared. The Lunar Oracle will teach you to trust the moon's constancy and its continual disappearance and re-emergence over the course of the lunar cycle and will empower you to embrace the magic of the moon.

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